Friday, June 12, 2015

Top favorite Reno's - #5 Closets

I love a large organized closet - let's be honest... what girl doesn't? What Mulberry Forest lacked in closet space, 10th & Wash MORE than made up for it.

Mulberry Forest had two itty bitty teenie tiny closets. Two. In the whole entire house. Luckily for me they were in the bedrooms. The bedroom closets had doorways that were 6' tall, however inside they went to the 9' height of the ceiling. I ripped out the makeshift particle board shelving and replaced them with Rubbermaid Tightmesh shelving. I was able to add three shelves to the top and still make room for hanging items - not to mention these see through shelves and a fresh coat of white paint made these tiny spaces more manageable. Not ideal but do-able. My patience would pay off...

After living in a tiny apartment then Mulberry Forest (that while double the square footage of said apartment, was still tiny) I was used to making small closets work. So much so I was SHOCKED that I had enough clothes and shoes to fill the amazing closets at 10th & Wash. For a house built in the 1800's they sure knew how to closet.

The Master bedroom alone had TWO closets AND built in storage. The first closet you see when you walk in is a typical double accordion door closet with a single shelf above a hang bar. Thinking that this would be sufficient I was blown away to look behind the bedroom door to see a walk-in closet. I knew immediately that I would make the first a shoe closet.
This was such a simple and fast project it felt like cheating. I tore out the bar and installed a shelftrac system so I could change the height of the shelves as needed. I cut five white thermally-fused melamine shelves down to the length of the closet and attached them with brackets. Voila. Instant drool worthy shoe closet.

Next project - replace the particle board shelving in my shoe closet at the Lakehouse with a shelftrac system... after the wedding. ;)