Friday, October 24, 2014

Target Skulls

Fall has always been my most favorite season of all. This year, as with all the holidays in the last few months, this one is extra special. 

We love skulls around our house (more about that in a later post) so Halloween is our month to shine on the decorations front. Which is why I should've been more prepared on a recent trip to Target... A few weeks ago my sweet niece Evelynn turned one. On our way to the party we stopped at Target to grab a gift. I'm an excellent Target shopper - I have a list, I know where in the store to go for my items, taking the path that will run me by all the clearance items on my way. I waste no time in Target, that's a dangerous thing to do in that store. This trip my two favorite guys were with me... this might be a different trip. After narrowing down the perfect toy for Miss Evelynn I found them in the Halloween aisle. It was hard to spot them at first... the little one was incognito as a hot dog. As we meandered the holiday aisles I failed to notice my cart quickly filling up. I blame the big one for distracting me with a foam wig (what?!? foam wig? brilliant!). We were running out of time to make it to the party so we grabbed some gift wrap and raced to the check out. It wasn't until then that I notice the contents of my cart. 


Big skulls, little skulls, skulls. What in heaven's name did we need with so many more skulls? There was no time to ask questions, we had to go, skulls in tow. 

The big one had mentioned placing the skulls on our front walkway - this made sense, there is no room inside for more skulls (I'm sure he'd disagree with this). After all, we needed a Halloween wreath, it would just be wrong to use the same fall wreath for October and November - right? In true Target fashion these skulls were a steal, $5 for the small ones, $10 for the large ones. In preparation for the project I picked up a few items from Hobby Lobby - a grapevine wreath for $8 and $30 worth of half off fall silk flowers.  I had floral wire, markers, the glue gun and wine (imperative) at home. A few evenings later after pouring a way too big glass of wine I pulled out the box of markers, pulled some pictures up from Pinterest for inspiration and decorated a small skull. This decorated skull would be the centerpiece for my new day of the dead wreath surrounded by what else - more skulls. 

I'm sad to say this did not make the cut for Halloween this year
This however came home with us. A fabulous addition to our costume closet I might add!
The skull as I was markering it (yes, that is a word, I'm waiting on the royalties from Webster any day now) 

The finished wreath.

Front porch. 

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