Thursday, May 28, 2015

Renovation break... Wedding planning update

The Yep, you read correct, our wedding plans are complete after just over a month. My goal was to plan the entire wedding before Memorial Day and we did it!! Of course there are some small things to finalize but the big stuff is done!

I think most couples would tell you that they're most excited for the honeymoon (don't get me wrong... we are) or for the wedding to just be over - but for us we cannot wait for the big day! We're so excited to see our friends and family that are graciously flying in from all over the US. It's seriously like Christmas morning when we get a text or an email from someone telling us they've booked their flight.

And the planning team? Stellar. Tommy Thompson has continued to impress me with his eagerness to help and desire to make this day special for us - I sure picked a winner. The little one has been fabulous as well. Our Saturday morning tradition is to hit up Goodwill in search of milk glass vases and brass candlesticks. I thought I was a good thrift store shopper - I have met my match. He has even given us a list of songs to dance to and has even started working on a special choreographed dance...

I thought I would keep the details private until the big day but I'm just too stinkin excited so here are some of the super fun people we've got helping us for the party of the century in just 101 days:

- Say Cheese!! My good friend Patrick, owner of PhoCo will be snapping photos and shooting video for us. If our wedding pics are anything like last fall's pics we're in for a treat!! We cheated a little and used a pic from that photo session for the save the date - it's hard to beat that American Gothic picture!

- My lady crush Vicky, owner of Taste Catering, will be providing all the food. I say she's my lady crush because she's beautiful, a single mama of four and started a business that makes the most amazing food in the world all on her own. Did I mention her food is amazing? My mouth is watering right now thinking about her salted caramel and her watermelon goat cheese bites...

- Another fabulous friend of mine, Linda - owner of Finishing Touches - will be making the Lakehouse even more beautiful with flowers galore. I think she was one of the very first vendors I met out of college as a new event planner and to say her style impressed me is an understatement. It's rare to find a vendor, especially a decor vendor, that you can show a few pictures to and let them loose - completely trusting them to make your vision come to life and Linda is exactly this.

- Even party planners need party planners, enter my dear friend Darci, owner of Silo Event Consulting. We've worked alongside each other a number of times so I completely trust her to pay attention to tiniest detail, oversee all the crazy things that come up and even jump in and get her hands dirty if need be.

- Every wedding needs something new... so I've met some pretty cool new vendors as well. We are beyond excited about A Photo Booth Bus. This little beauty is named Lucy and she'll be driving in from Utah for our special day to snap candid photos AND go-pro the in's and out's of the shenanigans that go with photo boothin' (it's a word).

- A party without cake is just a meeting... so we need cake. And a big cake at that. A few weeks ago Tommy Thompson, the Little One and I went cake tasting. There is an adorable little house turned cake shop in downtown Longmont right next door to our fave breakfast stop, surely that's a sign, right? Narrowing down flavors was hard but we settled on 4 cake flavors and 4 pie flavors, I'll just say peanut.butter. Cannot wait to see the cake La Momo Maes Bakery whips up for us!
- The hair. I have the most incredible hairstylist ever. I left her for a a year or so when I moved and came to the conclusion that some things are worth the drive and she is. Lauren at Studio Be Salon knows my hair better than anyone (and let's be honest, aside from my mother is the only one that knows my real hair color) so I cannot wait to see what we end up with on the big day!! 

Still on our to-do list is to shop shop shop for white milk glass vases and...lose 30 pounds among other things but we are pretty pleased so far. Here's to a super fun summer of relaxing and spending time together as a family before the big day! 

You can follow the wedding Pinterest board here to see all the ideas and plans going in to our big day!

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  1. Sounds like it's all under control! Looking forward to your big beautiful celebration