Monday, May 11, 2015

Top Ten Favorite Reno's - #7 Lighting

I LOVE lights. Tommy Thompson teases me about needing to have every light on in the kitchen, and he's right. The right lighting can change a room from dull to bright (see what I did there?? haha). But seriously a unique light fixture can develop a room both on and off in a way few other things can. My favorite... chandeliers.

Living as a single lady for many years I was able to avoid the dreaded ceiling fan and change nearly every room fixture to a chandelier. The first chandelier I bought was for the gold master at Mulberry Forest. It had a bronze/burnt orange shade with three arms dripping with black jewels. Similar to the wall color, I loved this chandelier so much I moved it to the master at 10th and Wash. I was even able to find nightstand lamps that matched the chrome arms on this chandelier. Not only did it function and fit the look I was going for it was affordable at just $159 on
In the dining room at 10th and Wash while I went back and forth on the wall color, I always knew what type of light the room needed - a large black colonial looking chandelier. Way out of my price range new, I looked at Habitat Re-Store and on Craigslist for a brass fixture that I could paint. As luck would have it I found the exact light I was looking for already black on Craigslist for $40 - talk about a steal! Since the dining room had previously been a living room the light was not centered over the table so I added a hook to the ceiling and brought it down low right over the table making a dramatic and functional statement.
Before and After

10th and Wash is such a unique house with so much history - on a trip to the crawl space I found a brass and crystal flush mount chandelier in it's original Sears package from the 1920's. This fabulous find was the perfect fit in the guest bedroom, slightly vintage, slightly feminine and not too loud. I loved the idea of not only re-cycling a vintage piece but honoring the 145+ year old house by displaying it.
Hanging lights by yourself can be interesting... I do not recommend this method. 

My new light obsession is with under mount lighting. I had these at 10th and Wash and unfortunately had to take them out through the remodel process. When Tommy Thompson and started the plan for remolding the kitchen at The Lakehouse I knew these needed to go in. Not only did we add under mount lighting, we added a few more cans and a flush mount chandelier in the center of the kitchen. I feel like I say this about every project in that kitchen but lighting really was one of the areas that made the biggest impact.

More than any other room I think a kitchen needs to have ample light and ample options for lights. With a little re-wiring, we now have 3 separate circuits for ceiling lights (1. Can lighting in the overall kitchen 2. Can light over the sink 3. Center chandelier) so whether you're running in for a quick drink or decorating a cake and need a flood of light - this kitchen has it.
Under cabinet lighting during construction

The Little One thinks this chandelier is the best. As if I wasn't crazy about him already.... he loves chandeliers. 

We bought the flush mount chandelier on for $101.99, and installed the Rationell Under Mount Lighting System from IKEA for under $600.00 (this price also includes the under mount lighting we added in the new bar off the kitchen). Tommy Thompson and I were able to install the under cabinet lighting ourselves one evening after work and despite the infamous 'bubble man' instructions that leave much the imagination, we survived this IKEA project. 

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